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April 2017

Conference Announcements

14th Congress Advancing Xenotransplantation Science Worldwide

6th Swine in Biomedical Research Conference

November 1, 2016

Updated Publications

October 1, 2016

Publication release

Suggested Guidelines for Tissue Collection

August 1, 2016

Publication release

Birth of potential new model: PAH KO
Donation of a new model: Dr. Monique Lorson, MU donates SMN -/+ animals

February 2016

Publication release

Birth of two potential new models



October 2015

Publication release

DNA Methylation supports pig as biomedical model.

September 2015

Publication release

Engineering protein processing of the mammary gland to produce abundant hemophilia B therapy in milk.

Zhao J, Xu W, Ross JW, Walters EM, Butler SP, Whyte JJ, Kelso L, Fatemi M, Vanderslice NC, Giroux K, Spate LD, Samuel MS, Murphy CN, Wells KD, Masiello NC, Prather RS, Velander WH. Engineering protein processing of the mammary gland to produce abundant hemophilia B therapy in milk.

July 2015

Publication release

A Genetic Porcine Model of Cancer

L.B. Schook , T.V. Collares, W. Hu,Y. Liang, F. M. Rodrigues, L. A. Rund, K. M. Schachtschneider, F.K. Seixas, K. Singh, K.D. Wells, E. M. Walters, R.S. Prather, C.M. Counter

Targeted disruption of CD1d prevents NKT cell development in pigs

G. Yang, B. L. Artiaga, T.J. Hackmann, M.S. Samuel, E.M. Walters, S. Salek-Ardakani, J.P. Driver

February 2015

New Strains Added

The NSRRC would like to extend “Thank You” to Dr. Bob Petters from North Carolina State University for his generous donation to the NSRRC. Dr. Petters donated 19 different strains to the NSRRC to be used to study Eye disorders.

November 2014

Publication release

Use of the CRISPR/Cas9 system to produce genetically engineered pigs from in vitro-derived oocytes and embryos

Whitworth KM, Lee K, Benne JA, Beaton BP, Spate LD, Murphy SL, Samuel MS, Mao J, O'Gorman C, Walters EM, Murphy CN, Driver J, Mileham A, McLaren D, Wells KD, Prather RS.

Oct 8, 2014

Press release

NSRRC accepts large donation of Transgenic Swine Eye Models.
More details to come later

May 2014

Publication release

Engraftment of human iPS and allogeneic porcine cells into pigs with inactivated RAG2 and accompanying severe combined immunodeficiency.

Kiho Lee, Deug-Nam Kwon, Toshihiko Ezashia, Yun-Jung Choi, Chankyu Park, Aaron C. Ericsson, Alana N. Brown, Melissa Samuel, Kwang-wook Park, Eric Walters, Dae Young Kim, Jae-Hwan Kim, Craig L. Franklin, Clifton N. Murphy, R. Michael Roberts, Randall S. Prather, and Jin-Hoi Kim


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NSRRC Distribution Fees

NSRRC distribution fees are intended to defray the costs associated with specialized swine breeding, genetic quality control, animal health monitoring, cryopreservation, customer service, technical information and support, and maintaining updated scientific information on all genetically-altered swine within the NSRRC program.

Distribution fees are in U.S. dollars.

Material Fee Notes
Genetically Modified Swine $1,725 per animal
Wild-type Swine $575 per animal
Cryopreserved In Vitro Produced Embryos $575 30 embryos
Sample Collection $500 per day
Fetal Sample Collection $1,000 per day
Frozen Cell lines $100 per vial
Other Samples (Islet Cells) please inquire  
Fresh Semen Sample $100  
Frozen Semen Sample please inquire  
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (Cloning) $7,820 per attempt
CRISPR+ CAS9 RNA microinjection $7,820 per attempt
SCNT/Microinjections Collections/Returns pro-rated per day
Pig Rental space $7.50 per day
Pregnant sow with a Transgenic litter $2,530 per animal
Consulting $120 per hour
Construct Development (cost based on steps to complete construct) $1,725 per step
Transfections and Colony Screening $345 per transfection
Genotyping Assay Development $1,380 per assay

Shipping Costs

The NSRRC can provide shipping of swine across the country in our environmentally controlled vehicle. Shipping costs are calculated based on the mileage from Columbia, MO to your facility and back to Columbia, MO. Additional charges may apply. We will do our best to combine shipments with other investigators to help share these charges.