Accepted Strains Under Development

Not Currently Available for Distribution

The list below includes strains that have been accepted into the Center and are under development and are currently not available for distribution.

  1. Onco-Pig: Generic Cancer Model. Can be modified to produce a Tissue-specific cancer
  2. DMD Pig
  3. Fibroblast Growth Factor 8 Conditional Knock-Out: Heart Development and/or Congential Heart Defects
  4. RAG2 Knock-out: Immunology
  5. Breast Cancer Model
  6. CD1d Knock-out: Immunology

Please indicate your interest in obtaining any of the strains by clicking the checkbox (column *) next to the strain(s) of interest, providing the contact information requested, and then clicking the “Submit” button. This information will allow us to anticipate demand, optimize the availability levels for the strains and notify you when the strain(s) becomes available.

For additional questions please contact or phone (573) 882-1134.