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May 2024

Publication Release: Novel off-Targeting Events Identified after Genome Wide Analysis of CRISPR-Cas Edited Pigs

April 2022

Publication Release: Chloride channel accessory 1 (CLCA1) gene deficiency causes selective loss of mucus production in a new pig model.

March 2022

Publication Release: Disruption of Anthrax Toxin Receptor 1 in Pigs Leads to a Rare Disease Phenotype and Protection From Senecavirus A Infection.

Publication Release: Intravitreal Administration of Stanniocalcin-1 Rescues Photoreceptor Degeneration with Reduced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in a Porcine Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Swine in Biomedical Research Conference

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November 2021

Publication Release: Serologic titers to Leptospira in vaccinated pigs and interpretation for surveillance.

October 2021

Publication Release: Challenges and Considerations During In Vitro Production of Porcine Embryos.

September 2021

New Strain Available: CLCA1 KO

August 2021

Publication Release: Effects of RAD51-Stimulatory Compound 1 (RS-1) and Its Vehicle, DMSO, on Pig Embryo Culture.

July 2021

Publication Release: Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Heart Disease Modeling in the Pig.

Publication Release: Limited Expansion of Human Hepatocytes in FAH/RAG2-Deficient Swine.

October 2020

Publication Release: A porcine model of phenylketonuria generated by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.

July 2020

Publication Release: A novel swine sex-linked marker and its application across different mammalian species.

June 2020

Publication Release: Chemical simulation of hypoxia in donor cells improves development of somatic cell nuclear transfer‐derived embryos and increases abundance of transcripts related to glycolysis

December 2019

News Article: China and the US Are Racing to Create a Super Pig

January 2019

Read the updates on the production of xenotransplantation swine models.

December 2018

Two new models were born this at the NSRRC including the CLCA1-/- pigs and transgenic pigs TIE2 promoter driving HSPA5

November 2018

NSRRC representatives, Dr. Wells and Dr. Whitworth, participate in the Immunobiology of Xenotransplantation consortium meeting at NIH, Rockville, MD

August 2018

National Swine Resource and Research Center receives renewed funding for an additional 5 years.

March 2018

Single step production of Cas9 mRNA for zygote injection. An inexpensive and easy way to make highly stable Cas9 mRNA. Redel et al 2018 Biotechniques 64:118-12

Redel et al. 2018 Biotechniques

April 2017

Conference Announcements
14th Congress Advancing Xenotransplantation Science Worldwide

6th Swine in Biomedical Research Conference

November 1, 2016

Updated Publications

October 1, 2016

Publication release
Suggested Guidelines for Tissue Collection

August 1, 2016

Publication release
Birth of potential new model: PAH KO
Donation of a new model: Dr. Monique Lorson, MU donates SMN -/+ animals

February 2016

Publication release
Birth of two potential new models