NSRRC Distribution Fees

NSRRC distribution fees are intended to defray the costs associated with specialized swine breeding, genetic quality control, animal health monitoring, cryopreservation, customer service, technical information and support, and maintaining updated scientific information on all genetically-altered swine within the NSRRC program.

Costs listed on our website are for academic/non-commercialization purposes. If you need a quote for a for-profit/commercialization application, we may be able to help you with the help of the University of Missouri Licensing Office. Please reach out to Dr. Kristin Whitworth (whitworthk@missouri.edu) and we can determine the best methods to move forward.

Distribution fees are in U.S. dollars and in effect as of 5/4/2021.

Material Cost Recovery Notes
 Genetically Modified Swine $2,250.00 Per animal at weaning (28 days of age)
 Genetically Modified Swine, NSRRC Housed $3,000.00 Per animal at weaning (28 days of age)
 Wild-Type Swine $575.00 Per animal at weaning (28 days of age)
$12,246.96 Per 2 embryo transfers that maintains one pregnancy to term.
 Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer or Zygote Injection $13,291.60 Per 2 embryo transfers that maintains both pregnancies to term.
$11,202.32 Per 2 embryo transfers that do not maintain a pregnancy.
 Test Zygote Injection $4,950.00 This includes genotyping the blastocysts
 Hand Raising Piglets to Day 28 $2,746.00 For 3-6 piglets. *
 Hand Raising Piglets to Day 28 in high health conditions $4,993.00 For 3-6 piglets. *
 Animal (Boar/Barrow, Sow/Gilt) Housing $11.50 Per Day
 Pregnant Sow Carrying a Transgenic Litter $3,000.00 Per Animal
 NSRRC Housing: Sow/Gilt/Barrow $14.50 Per Day
 NSRRC Housing: Boar/Special Housing-Single animal in a pen $19.00 Per Day
 Wild Type Sample Collection $500.00 Per Day
 Estrus Synchronization $500.00 Per Sow
 Fetal Sample Collection $1,000.00 Per Day
 Frozen Cells $150.00 Per Vial
 Fresh Semen $100.00 Per Ejaculate
 Frozen Semen Please inquire*
 Blood Sample $100.00 $100 for first vial/pig and $25 for each additional.
 Construct Development $1,725.00 Per Step
 Transfections and Colony Screening $350.00 Per Transfection
 Genotyping/Assay Development $1,724.00 Per Assay
 Consulting $150.00 Per Hour
 Mileage for Delivery of Animals $1.00 Per Mile, plus $250 per day and $150 per night.
 Shipping Samples At cost*
 Disease Testing for Shipment Please inquire*
 Custom Request Not Listed Above Please inquire*

Shipping Costs

The NSRRC can provide shipping of swine across the country in our environmentally controlled vehicle. Shipping costs are calculated based on the mileage from Columbia, MO to your facility and back to Columbia, MO. Additional charges may apply. We will do our best to combine shipments with other investigators to help share these charges.