ASRC Diagnostic Services

All samples are assayed in triplicate – the prices shown below represent the charge per sample, which yields triplicate determinations of each sample. Investigators are not charged for the cost of the standard curve tubes, nor the quality control tubes.

Assays can be run with multi-species. Please check for availability of our species.


Assay Fee Notes
Steroid Assays
Progesterone $7.50 per sample
Estradiol $15.00 per sample
Testosterone $7.50 per sample
Cortisol $7.50 per sample
Protein Assays
Leptin $7.50 per sample
Luteinizing Hormone $7.50 per sample
Prolactin $7.50 per sample
Growth Hormone $7.50 per sample
Insulin $7.50 per sample
Insulin like growth factor-1 $7.50 per sample
Oxytocin $7.50 per sample
Other assays available – inactive list
Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide
Prostaglandin F2a metabolite
Thyroid stimulating hormone
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone
Growth Hormone Releasing hormone
Tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-1
Cholesterol (Total & Free)
Minimum assay charge $500
New assay development $4,000