NSRRC:0022 Tie2-Catalase

Tie2catalase pigs

  1. Obtained from: The National Swine Resource and Research Center at the request of Drs. Jeff Whyte and Harold Laughlin, University of Missouri
  2. References:
    • Whyte, J.J, Samuel, M., Mahan, E, Padilla, J., Simmons, G.H., Arce-Esquivel, A.A., Bender, S.B., Whitworth, K., Hao, Y.H., Murphy, C.N., Walters, E.M., Prather, R.S, and Laughlin, M.H. Vascular endothelium-specific overexpression of human catalase in cloned pigs. Transgenic Research. 2010. 1-13. PMID 21170678.